How it works…

Step One

Fill in the simple form below. Bookings are subject to a minimum 2hrs clean and can either be on a weekly, fortnightly or a “one off” basis.


Step Two

We’ll get back to you with a personal quotation based on your property size and any requirements. There is no commitment to go ahead.

Step Three

Give us the thumbs up and we’ll process your online booking payment. None of your payment information is shared with us, or kept by us.

Step Four

Relax…or do something fun with your time now you’re not cleaning. We promise a first-class clean – backed by our satisfaction guarantee! 

Your first step to a brighter, cleaner and healthier home.

What’s included in a clean?



  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors & glass fittings
  • Hoover & clean all floor surfaces
  • Remove rubbish & recycling 



  • Wash & clean toilet
  • Wash & clean bath/shower/tiles
  • Wipe down all mirrors & glass surfaces
  • Clean & mop all floor surfaces 
  • Remove rubbish & recycling
  • Dust & clean all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink & load dishwasher with dirty dishes 
  • Wipe down exterior of hob/oven/fridge/microwave
  • Clean and mop all floor surfaces
  • Remove rubbish & recycling

Extra’s (added upon request)

Inside Cabinets, Inside Fridge, Inside Oven, Interior Windows, Linen change

Simple Pricing

How long should I book for?

All Bookings are subject to 2hrs minimum. Please contact us for a personal quotation based on your own needs and requirements. As a loose guideline, consider the following:

(End of Tenancy & Builders cleans, please see Commercial)

  • 1 Bed Property – 2-3 hrs
  • 2 Bed Property – 2.5-3.5 hrs
  • 3 Bed Property – 3-4 hrs
  • 4 Bed Property – 3.5-5 hrs
  • 5 Bed Property – 4-7hrs

Book Now. And Relax.